Wednesday, May 17, 2017

post 10

In this unit we learned about American culture. It took me by great surprise to see the huge difference in our culture compared to others. We do not value the same things at all. For example when we watched the movie in class in really opened my eyes to see how different cultures can be. I've never really been around another culture for a long time so just to see and learn about the other cultures around the world. America is mainly a one cultured place there is a little difference here and there but its mainly one sided, so to see another culture really opened my eyes.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Post 9

Throughout this unit we have learned about the idea of culture. Culture is a very unique thing that occurs in the world because as we learned this unit a sign for peace in one country can mean a sign off hatred in another. This can be an example of material culture. Material culture is basically the gestures or actions that occur within a culture. Another topic we have leaned about with culture is culture relativity. This is basically how our culture compares to other countries and how different it is. This was shown greatly in the film we watched in class. The film had shown what it's like for these colored people to come from another country and live in the USA. They have no idea what is going on when they first come because everything is so different. Since I really don't have a connection to this, this was really eye opening to me. I've never realized how different other countries cultures can be compared to ours.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Post 8

This unit we have went into discussion a it race. How it's a social construct and how it's really shouldn't even be a thing. We also learned something that I never really realized. Racism is still just as prevalent as it was in the 40s we just hide it, in the movie we just watched in class it really opened my eyes to how racism is still so popular. Everyone is just so discreet about it. We have ads that are racist we in all honesty you can just look at society and what social class people are in and you can see racism. Another thing that opened my eyes is when the panel of students came in. Since I really don't have a personal connection to this because I am a white male it was really interesting to hear these students talk. The main thing that I had picked out of that is that every person that talked said they still get called racist names to this day.that was honestly very shocking, you think oh we go to Stevenson very nice school all nice people. In reality there is still racism here too. Honestly this unit just surprised me and it was very eye opening.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Post 7

Throughout this unit we have looked at social class because in reality it is such a large part of the world today. And it is all based off the things that we learned in class like income,wealth,power,etc. We read nickel and dime the story of a women's Working on minimum wage. She is looked at as someone who is in the bottom half of the social class. This story helped us understand because we are Stevenson kids and majority of us have never really seen or heard this side of the story. I know from my family expirence we make pretty decent money. I would say that we are in the upper middle class. And when we read nickel and dime and watched the line it gave me a different view on life. Not everybody has it as easy as we do. Social class defines people and who they are in life almost in today's society. For the most part if you are in a lower social class then you have much lower life chances than people in a higher social class. What this means is people at lower classes have less chances to go places rather then people in higher classes. And pretty much everything follows this guideline the lower that you are the worse you are in societies eyes.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Post 6

Deviance is something that the society sets to people. It is the standards of people that are in community and what is set for them. For example the saints and roughnecks that we talked about talked about in class. The saints can do just as bad of actions but get away with it more so them the roughnecks. The roughnecks are looked at as the delinquents while the saints are looked at as great people. They can perform the same actions but typically the roughnecks won't get away with it while the saints typically will. An example of deviance in my current life is Stevenson highschool. We are looked at as the best high school in the area and most kids from other schools look at us as high up preppy kids. Like on the other hand you can look at another local high school like Zion. In this situation we would be the saints and they would be the roughnecks . We can do similar actions but they are looked down upon in society because of there social class. We are in the upper social class while they would be in the lower class. So we look better and we away with more typically then they would. An example is the drug bust at steps in barely anyone got in trouble while at another school I'm sure kids would be in way more trouble.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Post 5

Throughout this unit we have learned what society does to determine genders and how they act. For the most part people in our society just assume roles for gender. For example male must marry female that is always something that the society constructed,but it's not always what people want. After hearing the panel come into our class you really for a view on someone who doesn't agree with these set ideas. Society has always wanted to conform people to these marriage ideas but once you hear fro, the other view you can see not everybody wants that necessaraly. Another way that society has always constructed male and females is males must be the strong independent ones while females are the weak and dependent person. With the movie we watched in class about men it showed you how soccer constructs men with advertisements even. One specific one really stood out to me and it said something along the lines of regain your manhood with a gun license. It wasn't exactly that but along those lines. This shows the negative image society is putting on men saying have this gun and you will be a true man. Women on the other hand are getting ads to basically become anorexic it's the only way to look pretty. We watched a video that showed young girls from ages 3-5 being introduced on how to dress to "look good." The Barbie dolls children get from a very young age are showing very revealing outfits and kids learn from that and start dressing like that at very young ages because society wants people to think this way.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Post 4

Throughout this unit we have learned about the socialization process and how the media has affect on everybody. We have taken a big look at the topic of nature versus nuture. Nature is where you come from your background and what you are and your characteristics. While on the other hand nuture is how you are raised and how your parents brought you up. These 2 things are significantly different and that's a huge role in the socialization process. Family plays a huge role for both but mainly nuture. We saw in the film in class that had involved parents mistreating their children and one child was left in like a dog kennel with other dogs. This impacted how they acted for the rest of their life they had to seek help for many years and are still trying to recover that is their nuture side. Media also has a huge roll in society. Media effects the way that we all act if you believe it or not. I know in my own opinion most of the cloths I wear I see off social media and I get the same thing or something similar. It's just like something clicks in my brain saying this looks good on this guy maybe I should get it to. That is an example of my nature it's just something that has developed in my life over time. And I know many other people who have something similar to this and this can be defined as a manifest lesson. So many Americans minds work similar to mine where they see something that's popular and they love it so they buy it. You can see so many teenage girls with almost the exact same clothing on this is an example of that because there mind is warped to wear these things.